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Sunday, May 27, 2007

My first BOLT!!!

I can just see your faces when you read this post but I can't help myself....I am now the proud owner of my first BOLT of fabric and I'm excited!
While I was in Kansas City MO at the 2ndAnnual Primmart Convention.... I had the chance to stop at a Joanne Fabric.
I walked thru the doors and it was like I heard angels!LOL I have NEVER seen so much fabric and misc other crafting stuff all under one roof like that before.We don't have them here and in the area where I access to any sort of decent fabric shop is beyond limited. If I do find fabric I costs me an arm and leg.
Eric very bravely took Sherry of http://www.anniescupboards and I there that day.We grabbed a cart and just started tossing stuff in it! LOL
Those that "know" Sherry....her energy level is thru the roof and she makes you laugh so hard! I was walking around with my mouth open and she'd point something else out to me and then giggle!We raided the fat quarter section first! OHHHHHHHHHH That was almost intense! I haven't had the chance to cut any of it yet....but I have the dolls all ready to its just a matter of days now.
I finally floated down off my "crafting cloud" long enough to think....I have a doll making guru right here with me.....ask her some questions! LOL So I poked that crazy little mind of hers....asking questions about buttons..... threads....ric rac....and then I finally had her by the bolts of different muslin.
I had to ask about it. Generally I make most of my actual dolls out of 100% cotton bedding that I find at second hand shops. Its been a fantastic and cheap way to get alot of fabric. I'd never actually bought muslin before for my dolls so had no idea what I'd even look for.She starts pointing at the different ones there. Pulling and tugging it in different directions. Talking about how stain reacts to different ones. How machines sew differently etc.She was a fountain of great info!She shows me this bolt and says that this stuff is really good and I flip it over to look at the price.
Heck....I can swing a good few yards of that I say so we place it in the cart.
Little Miss SNEAKY Sherry has other plans! LOL
We finish looking all over and filling our cart. Over we go to get the fabrics all cut that we had picked out. She scoops the bolt and with this HUGE SMILE on her face....tells me she is BUYING ME THE WHOLE BOLT!!!!!!!! OMG!
I could barely hold the tears back! I swear....they welled all up in my eyes. She was all laughing and giggling. I did my best to tell her NO WAY but well...... she is a mighty stubborn little spitfire!
So...... I packed that bolt carefully in the car and brought it back home like it was gold! I won't say how much she paid for it(We got an incredible deal!)......but I will say this...... I came home and figured it out at the cost of it up here...........and it would have cost me $228CAD!!!!!!!!!
I look forward to creating some wonderful new dolls from that very special bolt! Look for them real soon on my website!

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