Shabby Miss Jenn

Saturday, May 26, 2007 into Cyberspace it goes!

Ok so I brought up my email on my computer.
I had placed his address in.

and now I was staring at a blank email page.
What do you say? LOL
Its been 23 years..... how do you start a note?

Ya know what....... its already been too long so ya just WRITE! LOL

Told him that I'd found his email address while doing my own research for old friends from Bucharest. I'd seen his comment and was thrilled to see it was from someone I had known.
Told him who I was and that I'd love to hear back from him if he remembered me.

Signed my name
Hit Send
and off into cyberspace it went.

I shut my computer off.
I changed into my pjs and laid in bed.
Buttons came over and snuggled and purred.
I stroked her chin and then kissed her little nose and asked her.....what she thought was going to happen next?

I looked down at her and she was sleeping.
I can take a hint.
Off to sleep I went!