Shabby Miss Jenn

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dreaming?.......nope its for real!

I heard back!!!!!!!!!

My nieces woke me up the next morning and we went downstairs for breakfast. (It was a long weekend here in Canada and my sis and family were home for a visit) We gobbled back a bunch of homemade pancakes and then I raced upstairs and online.

Brought my email in and was scanning thru it quickly. I get quite a bit cause it was my work address that I had sent the email out with. Tossing the junk and then I spotted the address!
It was almost like time stopped!LOL I was so nervous cause i was thinking this guy wasn't even going to remember me.

Oh he remembered me alright!!!!!!!

I thought my level of excitement was high.....but Leo had me beat on that.
So I have spent the last 5 days checking my email like a foolish woman. Reading notes....writing things back. Questions.....OMGoodness there are alot of questions that come up after 20 years!LOL

We were going to try a fancy special way to tell the others that we were back in touch but I have no patience for that'd been too long already. So he sent out an email to the others and .....its been wild ever since!