Shabby Miss Jenn

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Webcam Magic

ok first.....that title sounds way naughtier then it was!!!!!!! LOL

I came online yesterday and was all ready to get cracking on the website. Had poured my glass of cold pepsi and was bracing myself to wrap my head around html codes all day.
A notice pops on screen that says someone has added me to their MSN Messenger. I didn't know the name so didn't click anything right away.

My email is again coming in and I spot the same addy in there. I open it and its a message from another friend from the past. He is now living in Paris. I clicked the Messenger icon right away!LOL

Soon as we are linked, he tags me and we start talking. Questions are flying back and forth. Comments are happening and then he says he has a surprise for me.
I'm thinking.....I don't know how things can be better then this....... and his webcam turns on!

OMG! I so could not believe that I was able to talk to him and SEE him after so many years. I'd say something and see him smile when he'd read it. He'd have a question about someone and I'd be able to give him the answer and I'd get a thumbs up.

Then I surprised him and sent him a school class photo from back then.
His reaction was perfect! There were faces in that picture that he hadn't seen in years.
He had a meeting to go to that he was already a bit late for and I really needed to get some work done on the website design.

I look forward to when we talk again.