Shabby Miss Jenn

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Do you remember your first kiss????

Do you remember your first kiss? Is it a faint memory or as clear as if it happened yesterday?
My first kiss happened in Bucharest.
It was with a guy that didn't go to ASB. He was anItalian that went to the French School.
I'd seen him and his friends at a few dances.

He asked me to dance. We'd danced before but you can tell when something is a bit different.
It was a slow song and the next thing I knew..... I got my first kiss.


Once I left Romania, had no contact ever again with him.

TILL NOW!!!!!!!!! LOL

Yup! One of the folks that I've reconnected with is my first kiss!!!!
How freaky is that????
We have already talked on Messenger and sent pictures back and forth.
(He told me he was going to send more from home....but hasn't yet! HINT HINT!)

I catch myself smiling and laughing and thinking about different pictures that have to be found and scanned. Stories that I have to remember to talk about. People I have to ask about.

Surreal! I swear.....someone pinch me! LOL