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Friday, June 01, 2007

How do you see yourself???

I have been doing alot of thinking on this topic..... maybe too much thinking really....but I can't stop myself. With going to Kansas City MO for the business trip and meeting folks there, some for the first time. With being in touch with friends from highschool again.
Not to mention being in touch with friends again from way back even before high school.

How do folks around you "see" you????
I'm not talking about what you look like. If someone forms an opinion about you based just upon that, then thats their loss. The inner you is the important you!

Are they surprised by you? Do they tell you that you are different then they thought you would be? How are you different then what they pictured?

I try my very best to be "just me" when I am with folks. I don't do well with the "lets pretend I'm something other then what I really am". I know right away that I am not always going to get along with everyone. Who really does that???

When I step back and look at who I am:

Straight forward..... I say whats on my mind....sometimes too quickly
Love to laugh.... I find laughter has really helped heal my soul
Approachable...I don't think I give off an air of being a snob??? LOL
Spontaneous..... don't always have to think before I say YES to an idea

I can't wait to hear the feedback on this topic! LOL

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