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Friday, July 11, 2008

L.K.Yarns INC

Something as simple as what is used for hair on a doll can make a world of difference in her final outcome.

I have found an incredible spot to purchase my doll hair! I had been ordering online and getting wonderful stuff but really wanted to find a place in Canada that I could do dealings with.

On a trip to Halifax, I had Eric drive me around to a few places that I had done some searching for. With my fingers crossed I really hoped that one would turn out wonderful.

L.K.Yarn Inc

The Hydrostone Market

5545 Young Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 1Z7


This shop is on the far end of the Hydrostone Market and looks so tiny when you first glance at the doorway and window display. A sheep and such are painted on the glass and I just wasn't sure what to expect when I walked thru the door.

Opening the door, I heard the chime ring and my heart skipped a few beats! The array of yarns and wool that is in this shop is sheer heaven!(ok so that was a bad pun!LOL) Walking around the shop and trying to take mental pictures of it all to relish later on....oh my! The colors are like none I have seen before. I had an armful of wools in no time at all! LOL Eric was laughing at me as I would spring forth to yet another nook and come up with another color and a smile from ear to ear. Doll ideas were floating up at me as I ran my fingers over spun wool hanging on hooks.

If you are in the Halifax area.... stop in and escape for awhile in their midst!




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