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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change We can Believe In

I watched from the edge of my sofa today as history was forever altered. I am a Canadian and will admit that I've not watched the politics of below the border before anywhere near as close as this election.
I cried a number of times and was somewhat shocked at myself for that reaction. Yet the tears would not stop flowing down my cheeks as I listened to him give his speech to the American people; as well as all of us around the world, who also were listening.
I wish President Obama the very best..... he has so many people watching and hoping with every fibre of their being for it to really be true...... a CHANGE.....A CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!

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Anonymous said...

Cedara, I just found your website a few minutes ago.I am making it one of my favorites.Your work is delightful!! A lot of us Americans joined you with tears at the election of our new president.Every human being should wake up each day,hopeful,that the world can become a better place. Bless our leaders that want to help! Mary Ann Dennis,Port St Lucie, Florida, USA