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Sunday, May 03, 2009


There are days that I really feel like that! haha
When I was first told about Facebook, I joined thinking it would turn out to be one of the sites that I jardly find the time to go to. Oh was I so beyond wrong!
I have reconnected with some wonderful old friends and its such a simple way to stay in touch. I'm on dial up so to have friends send emails full of photos is so very hard and frustrating. This way I can just flip thru their albums on FB and see whats been happening in their lives. I love that.
I belong to a few different forums and they have strict rules that need to be followed. I fully understand and agree. I have been teased by friends that know me in both spots that they love when I alter my FB status! haha Lets just say....I have not much holding me back from what I post ;)
Are you on Facebook??
Are you addicted??
Friend me! haha

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