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Monday, January 03, 2011

The Artist's Way

The Artist's Way

Another incredible book that I have been wishing to own for quite awhile now has ended up on my bookshelf. My sister and her family gave it to me this Christmas and I'm looking forward to reading it over and over.

Some of my other artist friends had mentioned it to me so I asked my local library to bring it in for me. I started reading it and quickly knew I wanted to OWN this book. It is beyond full of wonderful insight on how to restart your artistic engines. I bought a brand new journal to do the exercises. Just skimming thru it as managed to spark something in me. I can hardly wait to have that spark burning full force.

Julia Cameron also runs a web site to go along with the book.
I plan on reading all that she has there as well.
Go there and check it out and then rush to get your own copy of this amazing book.

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