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Monday, January 16, 2012

Creatively Made Ecourse

I am not even 100% sure where to even begin telling you about this amazing ECourse.

I've taken a few different art related Ecourses before. Wanting to expand my way of expressing myself thru art. Have loved them and really liked the new accents they have brought to my work.
One of the ladies that I took a class thru, has a blog that I now follow. She happened to mention she was going to be taking this course. I clicked on the link she provided to read more about it.
A number of things caught my attention right away.

1. I had been to the blog before and really loved her work. Something very soft and subtle about her pieces. They had spoke to a different side of me then I was usually drawn towards. I instantly wanted to learn more from her

2. Santos dolls. They have been a secret obsession of mine for awhile now. It jumped right off the page at me. I may have actually let a little squeal out.

3.The price. I know it seems terrible to say but with having been laid off from my job, "extra" money really doesn't happen very easily and I have to really be sure something is going to be worth while to make the commitment on spending it. I had been looking at a number of courses that folks were talking about and just stunned by some of the prices. One was over $400! GULP

I sat down and crunched some numbers. Shifted a few things around and then signed right up for it. I learned about the class like 4 days before it was starting. I didn't have any time to really second guess my choice. I spent the next few days making a list of supplies that I most likel would be using and needing. Cleaned out a space and waited for the course to begin.

The course is 4 weeks long and full of videos and samples. There is a community group thru the course as well as a Facebook group that she started. I was asked to be friends by a number of the gals taking the course. We are learning so much.

Today was the beginning of our second week and I am blown away!!!!!!

Jeanne Oliver has somehow connected to me on a level that I didn't even know I was needing or missing in my life. She is teaching more then a few art lessons on how to create something. She is making me dig deep into my being and connect with what has been given to me as gifts. I'm sitting back with my laptop and scribbling notes galore in my journals with every sentence out of her mouth.
It never comes across preachy. She never says its her way or nothing. She just in her own special soft spoken way opens your eyes to something and you instantly feel a level of joy and happiness.

I'm looking at so many areas of my life at the moment with different eyes. I'm feeling creative.
I'm feeling brave enough to open up and share things that I've been hiding and keeping to myself.
She calls it "your gifts" and shows you how to think differently about them.

I look forward to sharing so much more with you over the next while.
If you have the chance, please go check out her blog and her class.
You will not be dissappointed. She will show you the best ways to hold your head high and open your heart to those around you.


Angie said...

Well said! I'm in the class too and am just loving it. :)

Cedara_ThruTheAtticDoor said...

:) The class was incredible