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Friday, May 11, 2012

I Will Show You Mine {if you show me yours}

Fun link up today over at Jeanne Oliver.
She posted her makeup that she uses and I thought it was a cool concept for a blog post too.
So I scooped all my goodies and raced down to the kitchen table as it really is the biggest window for natural light. The skies are dark and gloomy today so taking photos was going to be a wee bit tricky.

 Now I don't wear make up every day. Some days are just too busy and crazy with everything else happening to even attempt to put eyeliner on without blinding myself. I will admit that when I do slow my day down enough to apply makeup, I somehow feel better about myself.

I do start every morning out using this though and I love the way it makes my skin feel and look. My parents gave it to me this last Christmas. Olay Pro X
It is a 2-speed facial cleansing brush that you use with the exfoliating cleanser creme. A little goes a long way as I have been using the little tube shown since January. The large tube I also got will most likely last the rest of my life.

      Next I apply Olay Total Effects Smoothing Serum. It goes across my whole face lightly with a bit more added in trouble areas like the frown lines on my forehead and crows feet . I use this a few times a week. The Nivea Creme is something I use daily. I apply in the morning and after I wash my face at night.

Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup

My best friend Danielle came for a visit and brought me this. I was blown away by just how simple it was to apply and what a difference it made to my look. No more circus clown pancake makeup. This just floats on your skin and you look natural. I use the foundation powder; the blush in either a bronze color or glee soft pink (depending on my mood) and then apply the veil powder over everything to softly mask it all in place. I always get comments on my skin and makeup being "soft" which I love. I have large pores in areas of my face and none of this stuff clogs or causes me any issues.

When it comes to eye makeup, I'm a bit less fussy. The colors usually attract me first. Then I check the price and if its hypo-allergenic. I wear dark color eyeliner but I have sticks as well as liquid. Everything from a few dollars to $32 from a friend. My mascara is always black and always waterproof. I wear Burt's Bee in Fig on my lips almost 95% of the time but also own Rhubarb and Peony.
I also have a small pair of tweezers now due to that pesky chin hair that started appearing just after I turned 40. (Why do we never see the chin hair until it's long enough to attach a bead or bow to it?)

At the moment as well,my perfume of choice is Roots Source Red Tea

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Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

I have never tried bareminerals powder. I think I'll go check it out!! Love the chin hair comment, when did that start anyway!!