Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm Fine

How many times have you asked someone how they are doing
 and heard the answer 
"I'm fine"?

Seen someone smiling, laughing and you've thought,
 wow, they sure are doing great.

Ever wonder if you're wrong?

I want to introduce you to someone. Someone who has been effecting me more then she'll ever know.
Her poetry haunts me. When I read her words, I feel emotionally drenched. 
Over the years I have read many books by too many different authors to keep track off. 
A very small number of people have been able to stop me in my tracks and 
make me just want to take a deep breath. 
My pulse races with the sheer raw emotion she places within her poetry.

An amazing thing about her.............. she is 13 years old.

 This is Kelsey.
She is the youngest daughter of one of my good friends. 

 She has a beautiful smile and infectious laugh.
She loves dying her hair and piercing her nose and lip.
She loves to draw.
She loves listening to music.
She loves to write poetry.

 She also suffers.
She is bullied at school every day.
She is shoved. 
She is pushed. 
She is called horrible names.

She is dealing with all of it with an amazing grace.

She created a video and placed it on YouTube.
It is so raw and emotional.
Her school had EVERY CLASS have to watch this video.

Thru her pain and torment, Kelsey is going to save someone's life.
She is going to have someone see her video and have that person
know that they are not alone in their torment.
She is going to open the eyes of so many people.
They are going to hear the words "I'm Fine" and now know
that person needs to be heard. 
Needs to feel loved.
Needs to feel compassion.
Needs to feel they are not alone.

Some of us go thru hard times because we also have been given the strength
and the ability to bring ourselves out of the darkness.
Out of the pain.
Out of the overbearing sorrow and rage.
To express these emotions thru our words.
Thru our artwork.
Not to get pity or be judged.
To open the eyes of those around us.
To shine light where needed most.
To be the voice for those not able to speak for themselves.

Here is Kelsey's video.
Watch it all the way thru.
Then think about the people around you.
Maybe it's you.

Please pass this video on so that it may help someone 
who is sitting in their darkness
 to finally see a glimmer of hope and light today. are an amazing soul and thru the darkest of your hours, 
you are a beacon of hope, even when you don't know you shine. 
You have made a difference in someone's life,I just know it. 
You have a spirit about you that many only dream about having. 
You are doing incredible things with your life and will continue to do so.
I told you that someday I would be paying good money to hear you 
standing on a stage reading your poetry and I mean it. You have an incredible gift 
and I hope that you always continue to share your words.
My dream for you is to someday make those words 
more about happiness, love and joy of living 
and let the sorrow and bullying finally be over for you.



Lillie Mae Acres said...

She is beautiful (and I mean her looks) as well as her wanting to help others. I will include her in my prayers, that she remains strong against this cruel world and that she knows how pretty she is inside and out. Thank you for posting this.

Cindy Wright said...

My heart goes out to this very Special girl and all the other kids that have to face this every single day of school....Kids today have so much to think about as it is ,they should in NO way have to worry about who is going to be mean to them today,who will say more hateful /hurtful things to them today or push them around today so they can "look cool " in front of their friends ! Funny how when you get one of these so -called 'Tough Ones " by themselve they don't seem to have much to say...probably b/c they have very little self esteam themselves ! Maybe if just once instead of putting on the "Tough Act",they could try being a friend to someone they see hanging by themselves and just maybe they would see things in a whole "new " light ,not to mention the really awesome feeling you get from helping out someone in need... Bullying NEEDS to STOP ! There NEEDS to be ZERO Tolerance in ALL Schools,ZERO,not one,two three chances,ur out ...I truly hope this video is shown in ALL the schools EVERYWHERE to help kids realize just how VERY serious Bullying really is and that they can ALL help to put an END to it !!! I hope you all find the strength you need to to keep going b/c each and EVERY one of you are WORTH it ! Hugs to you all

Cedara_ThruTheAtticDoor said...

Thank you for your kind words. She is an amazing young woman who will do great things in her lifetime. I can just feel it

Anonymous said...

Kelsey"s video should be shown in every school everywhere. I have never seen anything as powerful as this. Kelsey is so inspiring . I keep making spelling mistakes because I am so moved and my mind won"t focus. God bless this young woman and help her to continue to be a voice that we so desperately need these days.