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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Music in the Studio

Music really helps set the tone for me while in my studio space. It plays while I sit at my sewing machine and piece together the latest doll. It plays if I'm adding paint to a canvas or just sitting at my computer doing some work online.
I've been very blessed over the years to attend many concerts. Having a wide array of music to my liking also helps. Someone that I have been lucky enough to hear live is this young woman.
Kendel Carson

I happened to see her perform with Dustin Bentall.
Her voice is amazingly soft and strong all at once.
She plays incredible.

When I am sitting at the table with my sketchbook in hand and multiple pencils and markers tossed about as I sketch out ideas....I find myself time and again coming to listen to her. I have spent the whole afternoon singing along loudly to her music. It makes me smile.

Do you listen to her music?
Have you heard of her before now?

Who do you listen to while creating?

Here is a little taste of her amazing talent.

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