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Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Discovery in the Garden

We planted many different things in our garden this season. The things that grew well last year and we enjoyed plus a number of new things to try out. One of the new items wasn't for us to harvest and enjoy. We get to reap the benefits from it though. This season we looked around a few places and finally found catnip seeds to plant. Tigger kitty loves it. He doesn't get human food for treats. He gets catnip sessions.
He will roll around and talk to it. I love to watch his actions.

While out last evening tending to some garden chores, Tig came strolling up thru the tall grass growing on the far side of the garden. He'd been over to where Andy was chopping up some campfire wood. He loves when we are outside and comes to hang out with us. He flopped around on the rows of veggies and got told to move on. Andy had come up to the garden as I'd asked him to come see how far I'd come along with the shoveling. I'm leaning on the shovel and talking to Andy when we see Tig start to walk along the border of the garden. He's heading to the raspberry patch where he likes to snooze. As he walks past the black container between the fruit trees...... he stops.

Tigger begins to sniff the air. Andy and I are already beginning to laugh.
He moves closer to the edge of the container and inhales.
He jumped right up into the container and began rolling around. He was biting and ripping the catnip plants.
It was like he was out of his mind! haha
I raced to the house to grab my camera. He was  out of the catnip by then and this is what it looked like.

Ripped, chewed on and furry! haha  Then from the raspberries, he came walking back over and proceeded to jump back into the container. He was purring sooooooo loud and talking the whole time. Making that little chirple sound in his throat that a cat can make.

He was really getting into it by this time. There were piece of catnip torn and tossed all over the place. He couldn't even keep both eyes open at the same time. I was laughing so hard. Walked closer and tried to shoo him from the container and he actually flipped over and growled at me. Hey fella, I don't mind ya getting high but there will be no attitude given to me with the joyride.

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