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Friday, June 20, 2014

Deeper Appreciation

If you look around the farmhouse, tucked into just about every possible space, 
I've created "something" that whispers to my soul.
 Piles of small books mingled with photographs housed 
in unique frames that captured my heart when I saw them. 
Collections of shells gathered on a 
summer day visit to a beach.
Old bottles filled with sunlight now as 
their original contents have long since disappeared.
Items that just make me smile when I look at them.

Sacred Altars. The Art of Altars and Offerings ... Jessica Brogan

What an amazing course this turned out to be. 
I knew that the topic had my attention and it was something
 I was already doing within my home. The course has been eye opening
 on a few different levels though and it's been a wonderful surprise.

Jessica is going to be hosting this course again in a while 
and I would highly recommend taking it.
I won't go into individual details about the spaces I created thru taking the course
but I'm going to share some photos that I took.

 The other people taking the course with me have created some amazing
pieces as well. We have felt strong and safe enough
in the group to share some touching and raw stories with each other.
This course has been such a blessing.

I'm looking at items around my home differently.
I am shifting things around and adding different pieces.
The act of creating the space as become as important to me as
the finished piece.
I'm gathering great peace.

When the chance arises to take part in this course again.... JUMP ON IT!


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