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Thursday, June 05, 2014

She is a Diamond

Social media platforms are all around us.
You click like a zillion times.
You tweet something quickly.
You can look at a million thumbnail size images
 with a scroll of your cell phone.

You amass a string of "friends" that you for the most part,
 don't really know and could bump into on the street and 
would never recognize. (Sad but true for me. I'm trying to
 get better with that, I swear)

If you are lucky, a few real treasures are dropped into your life.
In the midst of those treasures is
 a true diamond to behold.
Someone that makes you slow down
 in the quick responses and think.
Someone who shares truly
 from their heart space.

I've been blessed with such a diamond.

The Light that shines from her is radiant.
When she writes, her words illuminate such
 an intense reaction within me.
She shares moments happening within her life and
 even though you know she is feeling raw and vulnerable in them; 
she is connected enough with herself to take 
the time to share and place her emotions into text.
 She's willing to do so because it may just help one other person
 in the world feel a little bit less alone
 fighting their own demons.

She's got my brain spinning in so many ways.
Surprises arrived in my mailbox just because she wanted
to let me know she was thinking of me.
Her self portraits make me feel strong and brave enough
to capture my own image and thought process that comes with them.
When I got flack for taking photos of myself, she had my back.
She supported me.

Her willingness to be raw with her writing.
Not always rainbows and
 little fuzzy bunnies munching clover.

Unfiltered Truth

 Spoke loudly enough to stop me
 in my tracks and truly listen.

I have darkness and demons on the edge often.
There are days my soul weeps in the background.
I'm no longer scared to share those aspects of myself.
They are all parts of me.
That same darkness also makes
 the Light within me 
shine bright when
folks look in the right space.

Just recently, Jessica was talking about her first e-course.
{You all know how much I adore a good course}
This one jumped at me for a number of different reasons.
Jessica was behind it, #1 of course.
Courses that speak to my soul don't always have to be an art course.
It was going to be about alters.
Something I already incorporate within my home.

Where did I have to go to sign up?!

The course began just a few days ago and
 it's blown me out of the water.


It's like Jessica is sitting right across from you and talking.
She has taken some of the most amazing photos.
She has had friends of hers allow her to
 share some of their amazing photos.
The content already has me doing research on stones, 
scents and different meanings
I wish to blend into my creations.
The term "feather-envy" has popped up a few times and even ended
with me racing around my back field 
chasing a feather in the afternoon breeze.
I'm looking at sticks, dried flowers, driftwood, 
sea shells and so much more all with new eyes.

She has made it fun, light hearted, full of incredible information mixed with just
enough depth and inner thought, to push ourselves.

She is going to be offering this course 
again in the Fall she says.
I place my hand on my heart and promise you...
I will be shouting LOUDLY
for all of you that this concept strikes a cord with
to scoot over and sign up.
You will not regret a single moment
of being in her Light
and all that this incredible
woman has to share and offer.

Thank you Jessica.
Thank you so much for being.... YOU!

{all photos are Jessica's photos and imagery.}

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