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Thursday, August 14, 2014

25th HS Reunion

High School for many brings bubbling up from the past
 any number of mixed emotions.
When I allow myself to look back I can recall the jocks, 
the cool kids, the nerds and the mix of many who 
crossed into a few of those groups.
Different teachers and their classes 
stand out clear from the fog of memories.

My father was in the Canadian Armed Forces and
 we moved around a number of times in my youth.
One of those moves brought me
 to Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia.
It was Grade 8.
I walked into a school knowing no one else.
Friendships had been formed years ago for many
 of the other folks going to this school. 
It's a small community and they'd grown up together.
I was an outsider stepping into these circles.
It didn't always go smooth. A few stumbles along the way.
 A few lines drawn in the sand and no crossing it.
Friends were made.
Good solid amazing friendships.

I can look back thru time to my High school years 
and for the most part smile.
Silly moments are recalled. 
Laughter can erupt from me.
Gym class.
English class
Red and Grey Day.
Boy friends and heartaches
Girlfriends and sleep overs
Piercing and shaved heads
Acid wash jeans and Madonna

I was a part of this group from
 Grade 8 thru to Grade 11.
Then everything changed.

My father had finished his posting to Barrington and 
was being posted to his next place.
My family was moving to Summerside PEI.

I made plans to stay in Barrington so
 I could graduate with my friends.

My family said I was moving 
with them as a family.
Teen rebellion soared out of me
The next year was a rough year on everyone.

I can look back now with the eyes of an adult and see it 
was the best thing to have happened.
At the time, I could hardly 
breathe anything but rage.

I stayed in touch with many of the school friends.
Hand written letters.Grad photos exchanged 
with me wearing green and gold 
instead of red and grey.

Over time, the letters from some friends 
became few and far between.
Life has a tendency to do that.
Marriages. Children. Divorces. All the many twists and turns
 that life can drop at your feet.
Social media platforms came into play and like happens, 
you type in every name you can recall and see if they are part of it. 
Friend requests are sent out. 
You begin a new level of old friendships.
You are able to steal glimpses of family life thru the bits and
 pieces that are shared via status updates and photo albums.

In what seems like a blink of the eye, 
25 years has passed.
A High School reunion gets talked about and then
 a group of them gather to start making plans.
Excitement builds. 
Nerves start to fluster about in my belly.
A few stumbling blocks pop up but are quickly 
swept away by friends.
I'm included in this reunion with no qualms from anyone.
I am part of this group no matter what colors I wore that final night.

I meet an old friend in town so we can travel to the reunion together. 
It's the perfect way to scatter the last of the nervous butterflies as
 we'll talk about everything on the road trip there. 
She was using me for courage and an ice breaker.
It was perfect.
Laughter occurs. 
Tales of teachers and classmates.
 Who's doing what now. 
We play catch up on our lives in the 2 hour
 drive it takes us to get there.
We randomly check the updates and see friends
 decorating the space for tonight.

Kathy is sweet enough to drive the back way into Barrington and
 we reminisce about living along the sea shore. 
Who lived in which home along the way.
Pulling up to the parking lot, this is the first thing we see...
and a night to remember begins.

Friends start filtering into the pub and shared moments of hugs, giggles and
 exchanges of different information begins.
Some faces I knew instantly.
Others brought about giggles when we asked who was who.

 So many memories flood to the surface. 
I haven't laughed this much in a very long time.
Sharing photos taken from the night
..... some mine... some from others.

A series of photos that forever will fill my heart
with happiness and laughter when gazed upon.

Games of pool are played....
A few rounds of shots happen....

A night to remember always begins....

This photo of my friend Doug and I 
wraps the whole array of  feelings
from the evening up for me...
no amount of time

I am so very glad that I was able to attend and take part
in such a fun crazy night. The laughter still vibrates around my heart.
Those that planned this and made it happen....I thank you.
You all did an incredible job and should be proud.
Those that attended, I thank you as well.
You gave me incredible memories of continued friendships.
I loved seeing every one of you.
Those that weren't able to join us, you missed a magical night and were sorely missed.
Fingers crossed you all will be able to join us the next time around.

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