Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, October 03, 2014

Staying Afloat amongst Chaos

It's been approximately a week since I worked my last shift. 
The store has officially closed their doors and I've been working
 on adjusting my train of thought to being unemployed now.
 We mark things down onto the grocery list
 tacked to our fridge. I just tend to look closer at 
what really needs to be bought and what are more 
classed as "treats" to indulge in at a later date.
The alarm continues to go off at 6am.
I can lay in bed a wee bit longer with the cat curled up
 purring on my chest and not have to keep glancing
 at the numbers of the clock.
A rule has been implemented of
 no jammies all day.
Comfy pants happen AFTER a long day and
 it's time to unwind. Not before.
The closet space is scanned every morning for 
clothes that I can be productive in.
My days are still going to be
 jammed packed with busy.

I'm trying to remember to look for 
simple beauty each day.
Something to smile about.
Laughter needs to be heard and felt.
It's never been a good thing to allow myself to wrap
 myself in a heavy blanket of panic or worry.
Reminding myself daily, it's all worked out before
 when chaos has flooded around me.
I stayed afloat before and
 I shall this time round.

So I took my camera out between the grey drizzle moments
 we've been having and snapped 
some soul happiness......

With the turn of weather to much cooler (and damp), 
our firewood has begun to get stacked and piled in the
 basement. Knowing that I have a roof over my head
 and that we have enough wood to burn to keep
 us warm helps. There is something quite calming
 to be able to hear the snapping and
 crackling of the wood as it burns.

 The last of our sunflowers that we grew have been 
harvested and the seeds are drying. The amount of birds
 we feed here at the farmhouse is crazy and having grown
 these sunflowers is going to be wonderful. The differing sizes and
 colours of the flower heads was amazing to watch come to life.

 The simple joy around you when
 you just allow yourself to look.
Leaves changing colours.
 Small snail. 
Flowers blooming.

The differing cycles captured.

Large wooden crates filled with apples.
I let myself stand there for a moment after
taking the snapshot and just breath in deeply.
Transported me back to the smell of the back stairs
at my grandparents home where bags of apples
were stored for the season.

Nothing makes me smile like the
 burnt orange hues of pumpkins
 this time of the year

 As I walked down the street, I noticed something on the 
side of this building that I've never seen before.
A chalkboard.
When I pointed it out to my husband, he said to snap a photo
as we'd do such an idea on the side of the farmhouse.
I'm so excited!
I already can hardly wait to write
different quotes and messages.
Isn't this a wonderful touch?

Take the time to lay the worry and chaos aside.
That energy does nothing to help.
Open your eyes to the simple beauty around you.
Capture it.
even just in your mind



~Tonya said...


The way you write and capture the moment of a photo and share what your felling and what's in your mind is a gift you have. One that you have allowed to share and I thank you for that.

I work daily, and I guess I take that for granted, at times. I wake up dreading some days. I wish I had the time to just be, to create, to just breathe...

I miss creating with every fiber of my being. I am treating myself to a vacation this year. I have been making payments and I can't wait to go. I leave for Oregon Art Camp Oct. 23. I can't wait for this time to create, but I leave my kiddos on the ground and that is hard for me.

I know it will be fine. I need this time to get away, to breathe, and to take it all.

Thanks for taking the time to post on your blog today. I miss blogging and reading blogs. I think Facebook has taken away from so many things....

Have a beautiful day.
Tonya ♥

Bonnie Smith said...

beautiful Tracy! love your way with words and pictures:)

Cedara_ThruTheAtticDoor said...

Bonnie- xoxo

Cedara_ThruTheAtticDoor said...

Tonya---- thank you for writing. You have no idea how much your words meant to me. I have bought and created your patterns. Your dolls and creations have been such an inspiration during the time that I've made my own. I know all too well how difficult it can be to be a creative person and NOT be able to create.I'm so happy to hear about your vacation and I tell you know, I will flood you with wanting more details.
Take 10 minutes each day.
Step outside and just sit.
Do it.