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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Feeling like a VooDoo Queen

Truthfully I had thought of just letting this blog die a slow death.
My mindset wasn't into it anymore.
When you lose that "whatever"  that brings you to sit in front of the computer and write....having a blog becomes difficult. You begin to think you are sitting in a room by yourself talking to the walls.

Something shifted again.
I've been sharing on Facebook about what has been happening with my life at the Farmhouse...... gardens, cooking, doll making, paintings mixed with daily musings. Folks were responding. People were interested.
They began making a comment I was no longer able to brush aside.

You should write a blog

I actually HAVE one and just don't write in it any longer.

So looks like I'm dusting this bad boy off and seeing what happens.
Hope you'll stop back thru with a cup of joe and help make this fun.

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