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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Needle felting ~Poke and Jab until its all attached!

Poke and jab! Poke and Jab! How more simple could needle felting sound?
For any of you that have not found out about and fallen in love with NEEDLE FELTING...this post is for you!
I raise my hand high to you all and say I AM ADDICTED!
Used to spend many a long hour hand sewing all my doll hair. I did it that way as it was the only way I knew how at the time. Worked. Liked the out come for the stuff I was using at the time.

Then I stumbled across sheeps wool. Really nice and curly. Was going to look so very prim on my dolls. I tried sewing it the the head and near drove myself nuts! LOL
Then I saw a mention of "felting needles" and how it was used to attach wool to a doll.
I was so lucky to have an aunt who happened to have a set that she had been given and never used. (Thank you so much KIM! xoxo)
She gave them to me and I have never looked back!
This is what they look like!

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