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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The shopping! Oh My! LOL

There were so many spots to shop in and it was hard to pick where we wanted to go!LOL
We all sort of split off into different directions and knew we had to be back to the cars by 1pm for when our tour started.

I asked Eric if he wanted to come along and he said sure. We walked along looking in windows and such at first. There was a horse and buggy tied to a post outside a small home. I took a picture of it. I knew that the Amish themselves didn't like to be photographed but it was just the buggy so figured I was safe.

We then went into a few small shops but nothing was really catching my eye yet. A bit further down the street....we hit the motherload! LOL We walked inside this AMAZING shop and I was just blown away. It was all old barn boards inside. Very old and rustic looking. The main focus was their candles which were smelling really great. They had at least 5 different rooms that you could walk around and thru that held everything PRIM that you could even imagine.
There were signs up all over that said no pictures were allowed to be taken.
All of us gals were rushing around pointing things out to each other. It was so funny.
I picked up a bunch of things to be given out as presents to family when we got back home. I also got myself a few prim goodies that I fell in love with.
Had so many inspirational ideas racing thru my head from seeing stuff and talking to the gals that I gave myself a bit of a headache! LOL
I'd go back there in a heartbeat!

There were numerous other shops that some gals went into as well. Lots of antique shops and fabric places. A place to buy fudge etc. We were all having a blast and were walking around with bags FULL of stuff! LOL

Head back to get started on the tour..... most of us made it back on time. Some gals had a bit harder time stoping the shopping! heehee
Won't point any fingers at anyone! LOL

Prim Blessings!

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