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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Friday Night continues...........

Some of went to our rooms to take our gift bags etc. Sort of refresh ourselves and then we were going to go meet up in someones room to chat and giggle some more. Not sure exactly what time it was....but it was at least 11pm by now.
I took my goodies back to the room and told Eric was was happening. He was watching some tv and just relaxing.

I started to head down the hall with Megan and we stopped by the door to Shelly and Mari's room. Thru the evening Mari had been feeling worse and worse. She had a horrid cough and her throat was really sore. Her eye was almost closed by now too. Shelly thought she should go to the ER but Mari wasn't sure she wanted to go. The winds had REALLY picked up and Shelly was a bit nervous about driving her car.
I went back to my room and asked Eric to drive them to the ER. He of course said yes. So we all banter back and forth on they didn't want Eric to be feeling like he had to do this.
End of topic...... Eric drove them!

So Megan and I head upstairs now to let everyone know that the news.
We went to Valorie and Lauren's room and found a bunch of the gals. We just talked and giggled till almost 2am! I could barely keep my eyes open any longer.
This was when we also learned that lauren can drink a can of Mountain Dew at any time of the night! LOL

We all knew we had an early morning ahead of us so of to bed we went.
Megan actually roomed with Nutt that night as Sugar wasn't due to arrive till the next night and we didn't want Nutt to be alone in her room.

I opened my room and Eric wasn't back yet.
I was just about to fall asleep when he slipped into the room and I sat right up to ask him about Mari. He laughed at me and said that I sat up way too quick for me to have been in bed long.
I was like "whatever" and asked again about Mari.
He laughed and said that she was feeling no pain at all at this moment.
He had left them at their door with Mari saying that she wanted to go around and see who was still up and with Shelly saying NO..... they were going to bed! LOL

We all went to sleep! LOL

Prim Blessings!

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