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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Meet and Greet Friday Night

The convention was offically starting at 6pm in the boardroom on the main floor. Almost all of us were there by then. We had been in touch with some of the others that were still travelling. Some were travelling during really nasty weather still so we told them not to rush and that to just take their time.

Many of us were sitting in the lobby just talking and getting to know each other. It was just before 6pm and we decided to head into the boardroom.

Shelly had really outdone herself and it was really amazing to see for the first time all together.

The tables were round and set about the room. They have white tableclothes and a bowl of chocolates in the middle. Glasses were set on the table.
On the back wall were 2 tables that were COVERED with different foods.
There were sandwiches of different types...... tons of chips and Mari's dips for us to all indulge in.
There were sausages in a barbq type sauce. The other crockpot had mini meatballs I think.
Then Eric had bought all kinds of Canadian goodies for the gals to try...... I placed them about the tables as well. Different kinds of chips and chocolates. His aunt had made a batch of homemade maple fudge too. Everyone said that was melting on their tongues.

There was a section off to the left that held just about every type of soft drink possible as well as a number of other drinks. It was awesome!

There was a huge table at the front of the room that was covered..... and I mean COVERED with bags of all different sizes. Those were the goodie bags that were able to be won during different parts of the weekend.

There was a round table that was covered with large brown bags with the Primmart Convention Logo. Each bag had our name tag on the front of it and we were told to go up and take our bag back to where we were sitting.
You know that there was some serious quick peeking going on thru the tissue paper. Those bags were jammed packed with goodies!

I'm going to try my best to not forget anything but please forgive me if I do.......

We all got:
a tshirt that had the Logo on it for convention.
An awesome tote bag with the logo that on sunday we all got folks to sign the bags. (I'm missing a few folks but not many)
a keychain
A magnet made on a tile
A baggie with rosehips and a mini pineapple (They are from Mari and freaking ROCK!)
A cd of graphics from Cheryl
An envelope with a primpack of business cards from all who donated to our goodie bags
A cookbook from The Pantry Chef (think thats book is downstairs) LOL

Oh I know there was more my mind is drawing a blank right now.
What else did we get ladies?

Then thru the night we had to stand up and tell a bit about ourselves as a sort of introduction.
That was my lest fave part of the night! LOL I don't do well talking about myself like that.
We all did it though and it was fun to learn about each other.

Some of the others had made it to the hotel and we were so glad to see them arrive safe.
Food was eaten by all...... laughter was being done at all the tables.
Folks were mixed up all around the room. There was no set place that you had to sit at. We all sort of mingled around a bit.

Tickets were handed out to us all and every now and then a ticket number was called and you got to go up and pick whatever bag you wanted. Some were HUGE...some were medium....some were small lunch bag type bags. ALL had amazing gifts inside.

Some gifts that I can recall folks winning......

Mini pillows with snowmen face
Dried fruit
Dried Artichokes
Bread mixes and tea towel
Photo albums
Scrapbook albums
Prim calendars

We were all very happy and so impressed with the whole evening.
The room was booked from 6pm until 10pm.

Some opted to head to bed as it had been a long day of driving for many.
Some of us opted..... well...... not to sleep!

Prim Blessings!

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