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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Saturday Morning ....... came early! LOL

We all met in the lobby for breakfast the next morning. Some of us not quite so bright eyed and bushy tailed as others! LOL We were all grabbing a quick bite before we all had to pile into the cars to drive to Jamesport MO for our trip to an Amish community and shopping.

Things had slightly changed the night before. To begin with.... this was going to be a strictly "gals only" convention. Which was fine with Eric as he had just planned on driving me there and then doing whatever for the weekend.Well that changed when Sheila and Lauren arrived the night before. Something WENT on Sheila's car and we were a bit nervous of having her do more damage to it driving it more. Or that we'd get stranded on the side of the road someplace.So her car was taken out of commission and instead of another car being rented.... Eric was voted in to drive some of us to Jamesport and join in on the trip. The gals were loving him by then and he was having a blast getting to know them as well. It all really worked out super.He , Shelly and Mari had "bonded" the night before at the ER! LOL

Almost everyone had their convention shirts on that we had gotten in our goody bag from Shelly.I don't wear tshirts so I didn't have mine on. I did have the pin (oh yeah!We got a pin!) and the keychain attached to my purse. I had the totebag slung over my shoulder too.It was optional if we wore the shirt or not but I went back to my room and asked Eric if he would mind wearing the shirt. LOL He right away said sure and switched shirts.Out we walked into the lobby and everyone loved it!
We all ate our breakfast and figured out who was travelling with who. Some of the gals headed outside to get ready for a bit of a birthday surprise for Marnie! heeheeWhen she walked thru the doors and got outside....we all burst into Happy Birthday while the "wallflowers" sprayed her with silly string! LOLIt was so much fun!Into our cars we all got and we were off.......

Prim Blessings!

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