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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Out for Lunch

We were all starting to get a bit hungry so we opted to head over to a close section of town and all grab a bite to eat. We knew that some others were still due in but we had enough time to grab something to eat.
I can't recall the full name of where we ate..... something with MIA in it! LOL Maybe one of the other gals can fill in the rest. They pushed some tables together for us all and that was when we all got to see just how hard it was going to be to go somewhere and eat. This was only half the gals and we were having a bit of a rough time.
Food was ordered by us all and it was SO GOOD! We all were talking and starting to unwind around each other more. Getting to know those right next to us a bit better.
This was the resturant that I learned about DEEP FRIED PICKLES.

Cindy was sitting next to me and soon as she saw them on the menu she said she was getting them. Some of us must have had that "are ya crazy?" look on our faces cause she then started trying to convince us that they were really good. I wasn't quite sold on her sales pitch yet! LOL
Marie(mamaw) ordered some as well. All our meals arrived including these pickles and low and behold..... THEY WERE AWSOME!

Cindy says she will share her recipe with us all but we are still waiting on that. Think I need to send her an email and remind her! heehee I will post it here in the blog if she won't mind.

They also had this dark bread that was served with dinner that had nuts and a ton of other stuff in it. The gals were loving it. I passed on that cause it also had raisons in it. Nutt liked it so much she bought herself a small loave to take back for the weekend.
Our rooms came with a small fridge and throughout the weekend.....we all were cramming food in them! LOL

Prim Blessings!

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