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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Off to Jamesport and Candle talk LOL

So we all pile into the cars and head off following Shelly.
Eric is driving and I'm in the front with him. We have Sheila, Lauren and Sherry traveling with us. That should have been Eric's first clue that he was in for quite the trip! ROFL

When I told him that my friends were turning out to be just like me.... I don't think he grasped just how much like me they all were! LOL

The topics of conversation flipped from recaps of talks from the night before (hunting; pigs named bacon and pork chop; shooting a crazy chicken from a lilac bush; "all food comes from a store" LOL) to "special" exercises..... to candles..... to sleeping with your mouth open....and much more that I'm just not allowed to talk about cause I signed a contract ! LOL

By the time we arrived in Jamesport I think Eric just wanted to jump out and run away screaming! heehee
We were following the others and all of a sudden we spotted a horse and buggy heading our way on the road. All of us were rushing around trying to grab and find our cameras. We weren't sure if we were allowed to be taking pictures of them in their buggys.
This must have been happening in all the cars as we missed our turn! LOL

Finally made it into town and we all got out with all of us talking at once about what we had seen.
Next thing you could hear hooves clacking on the road and here comes another buggy thru town this time.

We head over to the resturant to grab a bite to eat and then to do a bit of shopping in town before our guided tour was to happen. The meal was set up buffet style and had everything you could imagine to eat. Fried chicken...meatloaf....salads....desserts and it all was for $10 a person.
So yummy!

We inhaled our food and then hit the town to go shopping!

Prim Blessings!

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