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Monday, May 26, 2014

Change can be Incredible

So truthfully it took me about 30 years but 
that quote still hits home for me.
It really is how I try to live my life.
I am not one to follow a trend because others seem to.
I'm known for being outspoken on many topics and
 have even fostered some rough patches in friendships 
due to my thoughts and opinions being shared. 
I will ask for guidance in areas of my life but 
usually tend to follow my gut instinct.

Quiet thoughts

 Many mornings I step outside and just listen.
The multiple blend of birds chirping their hellos.
The wind drifting gently thru new leaves.

What changes do I need to see happen 
in my life at the moment?
Am I happy with how things are?
Where am I daydreaming myself to be
 in a month's time?
In a year?

I've talked about my battle with depression before in posts.
One of my surefire ways of shaking the darkness
 back from the edge is to
 change something in my life.
Sometimes all it takes is to paint my toenails 
a different colour then usual.
This time around in my fight, it took a little
 bit more then nail polish.

During my journey of weight loss, I had forgot about looking
after my hair. I just let it grow out and it got longer and longer.
The length I thought I was loving.
French braids

and then it changed.

Split ends
Dry and brittle
Same old hair style.
Clumps were falling out when I'd brush
or the shower would be full after washing it.
Getting a trim was just no longer going to be enough.
Frustration was always floating on the surface of my being.

Something was going to need to change.

I followed my instinct
and with one call to my hair dresser,
a good solid 9 inches was cut off my hair.

The change was within seconds of 
the last snip of her scissors.
I felt lighter. (obviously)
I soon came to see that the lightness 
wasn't just in my hair. 

I'd not noticed my battle with darkness
had woven itself into my hair.
I was hiding behind length.
 I was feeling stagnant. 

With the shorter cut, my curls came back
and so did the bounce in my step.
I had missed that.
The feedback from folks was instant.

My eyes sparkled
Some folks didn't like the cut and 
that was fine with me too.
I didn't do the change for anyone
other then me.


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Good for you! Looks great!