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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Newest Addition at the Farmhouse

As we have been reclaiming the yards and gardens around the Farmhouse, we've talked about the different landscaping we hoped to create. Different shrubs, bushes, flower beds and trees have been discussed to be scattered around. Fruit trees have always been tops on our list. Last season we planted a 5-in1 style apple tree and also a 5-1 style pear tree. They seemed to do pretty well and are covered with buds this year. We have our fingers crossed they fruit.

This year...... it seems cherry trees have been decided on for the yard.

Hole were dug and worked to be ready for trees when we found them.
We wrote down the names of the cherry varieties  that we could gain access to and spent the evening researching them on the computer.

He took the seats out of the back of the car and then reclined the front...... off he went.
Next thing I know, I can hear the car back in the driveway and he's placed a cherry tree into the wheelbarrow to get it across the yard.

This went quite well so in the next day or so, we'll add the other one.
The two kinds we went for are Sandra Rose Cherry and a Vandalay Cherry.
I am so excited to see how they do.

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